Quick Cash for your Land Contract or Mortgage

If you are collecting monthly payments on a land contract or mortgage, you may be interested in being relieved of that hassle. Sell your contract and you will no longer need to worry about whether your purchaser makes his payment next month. Nor will you be stressed out if he does not pay his property taxes or insurance premiums. You can be out of your contract, with a quick cash lump sum settlement, and never need to worry about those problems again.

We are now purchasing good, well seasoned land contracts and mortgages. We buy contracts on residential, commercial, and vacant land. To get started, we need information in regards to your contract.
We need:
Date of contract
Original balance
Present balance
Interest rate
Monthly payment
Address of property
Date of the balloon payment (if any)
We also need to know if the payments have been made consistently on time (i.e. has there been any delinquent payments?)

Of course, we don't pay the full face value (contract balance) of your contract. The difference between the face value and what we will pay is the "discount". The discount can be a small, or a large percentage of the face value. The amount of the discount is based on the quality of the mortgage (has the borrower been consistently on time with their payments?), the number of years remaining, the interest rate, loan to value ratio, and other factors. Be advised, our minimum discount is $2,500.00 per contract, however, there are no additional seller fees. We don't charge extra for items such as appraisal, document preparation, recording fees, etc. The quote we give you is the NET amount of the check you will receive at closing.

Our paperwork is minimal. We do it ourselves. Your contract is not negotiated through a "committee". We can have your cash to you in a very short period of time.

As an example, we recently purchased a land contract and the time from the first contact to the closing was 24 hours. Of course we cannot guarantee that fast of a turnover in every case. The amount of the discount was 5%. It was a well seasoned contract with a good quality buyer (good payment history), and the contract had a relatively high rate of interest, with a 4 year balloon.

Please be advised that we are not a lender; we do not make new loans. Also, we do not purchase second mortgages. Please do not call us for a loan or to sell a second mortgage.

Contact us:
Call Jim at 989-354-4996
or Email:

Another purchaser of land contracts and mortgages is First National Acceptance Company. They will give you a bid on your contract. They are located in East Lansing, and their toll free phone number is 800-774-3622. You may want to give them a call, or check out their website at

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